Hello, my name is Claudio and I am a graphic designer with a passion for lettering and communication. After my degree in graphic design and communication, I started collaborating  with newspapers and magazines, and became more and more interested in the world of letter design. This has become predominant in my works in which typography not only allows  message reading but also becomes the main aesthetic feature leading to multiple levels of communication.

The style of my works is strongly linked to the use of materials and construction techniques. This draws a personal and highly material trait to the various projects, allowing me to approach different styles and genres each time.

I like to be inspired from street culture, vintage, pop and music by experimenting and observing the congestion that can occur between old and new media.

In 2010, together with two colleagues,  I co-founded “&type”, an Italian laboratory focused in hand-made typography.

I have developed several projects for different clients ranging from Brand development to the creation of signs. I am always looking for new collaborations that allow me to put my skills into play


FONDAZIONE MILANO Scuole Civiche – YAM112003 (Luxottica, Sanpellegrino gruppo) – PERCASSI (Womo, Kiko, Madina) – EVENT WITH TASTE (Ferrari, Citroën) – D’ARCO EDITORI (Il Corriere della Sera, Il Giornale, Il Giorno…)LA REPUBBLICAMONDADORI (Casa Facile) – CENTIMETRI s.r.l.FONDAZIONE ROSSINI – FONDAZIONE FLORIANIBLONK Pavia – PepeNYMI – and several other private brands …



Custom Lettering
Sign Painting & Murals
Art direction
User experience design
Web design