letterpress with &type

Letterpress with &type

In 1999, together with Simone Giorgio e Gabriele Cecere, I created &type with the aim of preserving traditional typographic styles and techniques in the digital age.

Our artwork is designed using a variety of styles and techniques. We design, print and build our letters inspired by antique books, calligraphy, graffiti and fumaetti, taking care of the project in style and detail

All work is done with traditional techniques, with the possibility of being digitized and used in new media

wedding invitation

Wedding invitation

With Andtype we make strictly handmade wedding invitations, from the typesetting, to the calligraphy, to the choice of paper, to the cutting of the envelopes. The choice of making everything by hand allows us to give the wedding invitations the right importance and authenticity that distinguishes such an important moment.